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Plebs: A gothic horror with a twist!
Plebs: A gothic horror with a twist!

Ancient Romans called ugly looking, social outcasts Plebs. Jim Goforth has brought these atrocities into the 22nd century as genetically engineered or rather mis-engineered creatures. You go into the book with Corey and his crazy, drunk crowd and meet up with some total Hell’s Angels type of kickass women. What they hope would be a rocking night turns out to be a cry for help.


While having to deal with the various horrific and life threatening situations, Corey finds strength in himself that he didn’t know he possessed. Goforth has developed the character of Corey from a bystander in the cool crowd, to the person who is able to take charge when the need arises.


Interwoven is the bittersweet love that grows between Corey and Desiree, skillfully woven, and beautifully written while never straying from the plot of the story. You are rooting for them and hoping they make it out alive and make it together.


And as a final twist, we understand the Plebs! (I don’t want to add anything further here and spoil the story for others.) An engrossing story of horror, secrets and ultimately vengeance! This book had me up most of the night and I had to sleep with my light on for the rest of it Five stars all the way! I hope we hear more about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!