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A fantastic Arthurian tale


One of my favorite stories growing up was King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The author has taken this timeless tale and given it a brilliant new twist. The storyline is intricate and complex, and one gets drawn into the two entwined stories. A boy looking for his origins and a girl trying to survive!


The plot unwinds spectacularly, and the author manages to keep the book fast paced and exciting, while developing her characters. The strengths and weaknesses of each character are explored. You feel pity for those that circumstances changed for the worse and sadness for those who got affected by the change. I love her style of writing, it kept me glued to the book.

A reunion, betrayal, survival and promises of new adventures to come and new possibilities to explore! C.N.Lesley ends her book on a note of suspense, leaving us waiting to know what happens next. Applause for the author on her own timeless tale!